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Asked: 4 years ago

What exactly does the ninja suit do?

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From: AJB 4 years ago

You are given a better throw distance, are apparently more effective with thrown weapons (according to the XBL DLC description), you are given a new sword combo that end with a kick, and you are basically not noticed by zombies and practically impossible to be grappled by them. These abilities appear to be granted to Chuck even when he only has one piece of the ninja outfit on.

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It makes you harder to see(For zombies)
and makes you harder to grapple
it also increases your throw distance by 1 block(Making to effective total 5 instead of 4)

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Yea its good for those who is new to dead rising cuz most of the zombie ignores you and cant grab so they just slap you haha. Ow and in case 6 or 7 theres a super zombie appears and the ninja outfit wont do much but to prevent them from grabbing you. but they will chase you and vomit on you XD

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The gas zombies aren't affected by it, neither are the psychopaths or the looters/mercs... I don't know if this is because I wear the full outfit but I don't lose that much health when I drop from heights and there's a new jumping slash for swords

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