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Where r they?

I am looking for 43 an 48 in the notebook if u know where they be and when?

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MisterMoops answered:

#43 is Lenny Mooney, you can find him in the Yucatan Casino, right at the southern end of the casino there's an employees only room (at least I think it's employees only) and it leads to behind a check-in desk or something. Lenny is in there and he'll show you how to turn on the slot machines in the Yucatan Casino and will then go back to the safe house with you. I think he only spawns if you tame//kill/at least activate the Snowflake fight, though. Since he's the dude Chuck sees in the cutscene before he gets knocked out and taken to Snowflake.

#48 is still a mystery to me thogh
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khytomer answered:

#48 is Micael Woo, one of the 2 soldiers making a stand on the silver strip after the military cutscene. Their between those rocks with the save door and maintenance room.
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