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How do I beat Leon (The guy in the bike)?

See, while I'm rescuing someone out in Platnuim Strip, the A-hole from earlier challenged me making it seem like it's part of the story. Help please?

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khytomer answered:

It's simple really, allthough maybe tedious if you're on a low level. Get some knife-gloves (bowie knife+boxing gloves), Keep the camera focused on him and run left or right when he charges you. He'll usually come after you 3 times, then do some tireburning.That's when you have to move in. Run up to him from behind/side and hit him as often as you can. Repeat.
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nixaccnt answered:

If you don't mind being cheap, I've found that if you take the exit between the royal flush plaza and fortune park and manage to get him just around the area to the immediate right of the doors (upon exiting the royal flush plaza), you can actually lock him in one of those tight corners that the salients in the wall creates. This is because he can't reverse, so if he charges you and gets 'stuck' in one of those wall corners, he just sits there and you can beat on him with just about anything.
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Shockwave962 answered:

Try to make a rocket launcher (lead pipe+rocket firework) and go on a high place that a motorbike cant go like on top the flower garden on the middle of the strips or go on the road between the falls on fortune park and stay near the bathroom cuz chuck is righthanded and so he can shoot him with rocket laucher when he comes back and forth.
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