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Ninja Costume and each piece?

I keep hearing that you can wear one piece for a certain "ability", and wearing all 3 or 4 gives all. Can anyone confirm? I'd like to wear the bare minimum so I can play around with the other stuff and not have his face covered in the cutscene.

Poolshark1520 provided additional details:

I noticed that too but there are like 4 or 5 different "skills" that I thought were attributed to the suit as a whole. I didn't know if subbing one article would nullify one. I've only tested the fact that zombies don't bother you. I traded all except for the face-mask and it seemed to still work.

There are these abilities:

Zombies notice you less
Throwing things further
New moves when using a sword *Confirmed and it's pretty cool
Something about when getting knocked down, you get up in a ninja sort of way???

Any testing for each of these will be flushed out but I was just curious. Thanks for the input DAC

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DiseasedArmChr answered:

I found that wearing only 1 piece gives you all the skills, same as wearing all of them.
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hitenmitsurugix answered:

there is a special "get up" animation with the ninja suit, I may have found something else out with the ninja suit... I've only done this with most and all of the suit on but falls don't seem to hurt as much. I think it might just be my level but I did notice I took less fall damage with the suit on.
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toxin4158 answered:

Just wear the face mask you get all abilities and it makes you look cool if you have the swat outfit
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