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Where can i find all combo cards in the game?

where can i find all the combo cards in game? cuz i found some in the posters and i was wondering if you guys can list all the combo cards u find please or provide me with a link of the website that lists it thanks very much XD enjoy whacking zombies

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MisterMoops answered:

Just save every survivor and beat every psychopath, not all in the same playthrough of course. Just make sure you do them all in time, and you should get quite a few combo cards from that along with leveling up. As for the movie poster combo cards, there are 8 of them in total.

Here's a YouTube vid showing where to find all of the hidden combo cards :

And here is a page listing all of the combo cards, it had quite a few vids showing how to get individual combo cards but it doesn't have vids for all of them. It's the closest thing I've found to a complete list so far though :

Hope this helps!
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Google341 answered:

Combo Cards unlocked by saving survivors:
* I.E.D. (Propane Tank + Box of Nails): Unlocks by saving LaShawndra Dawkins.
* Plate Launcher (Plates + Cement Saw): Found During Tape it or Die.
* Blazing Aces (Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch): Unlocks by saving all 4 Tape it or Die Members.
* Exsanguinator (Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade): Unlocks by saving all 4 Tape it or Die Members.
* Power Guitar (Electric Guitar + Amplifier): Unlocks by saving the members of Angel Lust.
Combo Cards unlocked by defeating psychopaths:
* Flamethrower (Gasoline Canister + Water Gun): Defeat Brent Ernst.
* Rocket Launcher (Rocket Fireworks + Lead Pipe): Defeat Roger and Reed.
Combo Cards Found by location:
* Spiked Bat (Baseball Bat + Box of Nails): By unlocking the first maintenance room.
* Paddlesaw (Paddle + Chainsaw): Unlock by examining the "Paddle Party Massacre" poster in front of Slot Ranch Casino.
* Tenderizers (MMA Gloves + Box of Nails): Unlock by examining the "Blood Round 4" poster in Royal Flush Plaza north of Stylin' Toddlers.
* Laser Sword (Gems) + Flashlight): Unlock by examining the "Laser Knight" poster at the back of the Paradise Platinum Screens theater on Platinum Strip.
* Freedom Bear (Robot Bear + LMG): Unlock by examining the poster for the Clint Rockfoot movie "Stop or my Bear will Shoot!" outside the men's bathroom in the Yucatan Casino.
* Snowball Cannon (Fire Extinguisher +Water Gun): Unlock by Examining the "Dr. Brainfreeze" poster on the second floor of the Palisades Mall. (Between Ned's Knicknackery and Brand New U)
* Holy Arms (Training Sword + Box of nails): Found by examining the "Pit Viking" poster in the Atlantica Casino near the fortune park entrance.
* Blambow (Bow and Arrow + Dynamite): Found by examining the Movie poster on the south side of Cucina Donnacci .
* Burning Skull (Bull Skull + Motor Oil ): Found by paying the Fortune Teller outside of One Little Duck Bingo $1,200,000.
Combo Cards Found by leveling up:
* Molotov (Whiskey + Newspaper)
* Pole Weapon (Push Broom + Machete)
* Air Horn (Pylon + Blue Spray Paint)
* Gem Blower (Leaf Blower + Gems)
* Fountain Lizard (Lizard Mask + Fountain Fireworks)
* Hacker (Flashlight + Computer Case)
* Heliblade (Toy Helicopter + Machete)
* Flaming Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil)
* Electric Chair (Wheelchair + Battery)
* Ripper (Cement Saw + Saw Blade)
* Fire Spitter (Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch)
* Sticky Bomb (Lawn Dart + Dynamite)
* Driller (Power Drill + Spear)
* Defiler (Sledgehammer + Fire Axe)
* Knife Gloves (Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves)
* Dynameat (Hunk of Meat+ Dynamite)
* Electric Rake (Battery + Leaf Rake)
* Parablower (Leaf Blower + Parasol)
* Hail Mary (Football + Grenade)
* Roaring Thunder (Battery + Goblin Mask)
* Blitzkrieg (Electric Chair + (Merc Assault Rifle or LMG or Assault Rifle}
* Super Slicer (Servbot Mask + Lawnmower)
* Beer Hat (Beer + Construction Hat)
* Handychipper (Wheelchair + Lawnmower)
* Boomstick (Shotgun + Pitchfork)
* Auger (Pitchfork + Drill Motor)
* Infernal Arms (Training Sword + Motor Oil)
* Porta-Mower (2"x4" + Lawnmower)
* Freezer Bomb (Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite)
* Zombie Thrower (Spear + Leaf Blower)
* Tesla Ball (Bingo Ball Cage + Battery)
* Super B.F.G (Blast Frequency Gun + Amplifier)
Combo Cards Found by combining items:
* Wingman (Queen + Nectar): This combo card can not be found otherwise. It unlocks the secret achievement/trophy "Tape It or DIE".

courtesy of dead rising wiki
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