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Making the Moto-Saw?

Where do you assemble it?

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tinytimx answered:

You don't need to get 2 chainsaws for either of those, you only need 1. Also, its not a pole, you need a ladle. That's why its called the paddle saw
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fallout_3_fan answered:

Does you mean the bike whit motorsaws on bothsides ot the "swinging staff" with motorsaws?
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fallout_3_fan answered:

well i just tell you both:

pole with chainsaws: you find 2 chainsaws and a pole of anykind then you assemble them at workbench and VOILA!

Crosser with saws: just find 2 chainsaws then when you finished fixing the bike assemble them with bike and again VOILA!
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Ksandria11 answered:

you assemble it in Leon's trailer after defeating him the trailer is located on silver strip near the entrance to Yulcatan casino
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Bnkai4tailLuffy answered:

I don't know what you guys are talking about...There's a slicecycle, but apparently there are idiots that don't know that and call it a moto-saw. You ALL Fail. BAD.
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TF2SniperPwns answered:

Slice-icle: chain saw (1 is all that is needed i have no idea wat is about you need 2 of them) and any bike you find. take to any bike customization thing and do that

Paddle saw: i chain saw and a paddle. i found you can make one in the maintanaince room next to a dumpster paddle on dumpster saw in maitinance. (sorry for spelling my spell check sucks on ice)
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