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Where can i find the skill magazines or Books?

where can i find the books? because i want to book my combo weapon like the defiller and laser sword. and i would appreciate if someone would list all or some of the book locations on the game that would be very very nice thanks guys :D

l3izerker asked for clarification:

Wow thanks alot man

Shockwave962 provided additional details:

Uhmm Where is that Blade Magazine is cuz i cant find it in the underground can someone tell me how to get it?

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CCrackheads answered:

Skateboarding - skateboard lasts 3 times longer + gain a trick - Fortune City Hotel first floor

Rescue - 25% PP from survivor activities - Fortune City Arena First floor in room near western most maintenance room

Games - Entertainment items last 3 times longer - atlantica casino, near seats in northern semicircle

Horror 1 - 25% pp boost from killing zombies - Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines

Horror 2 - 25% pp boost from killing zombies - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Domestic - Funiture items last 3 times longer - fortune park maintenance shed

Leadership - survivors more effective - silver strip, one little duck bingo

Health 1 - +50% health restored when eating - Royal Flush Plaza, Yesterday Today and Tommorow

Driving - 4 wheeled vehicles last 3 times longer - Americana casino, Bennie jacks bbq shack

Amusement - toy items last 3 times longer - palisades mall, ultimate playhouse

Gambling 1 - significant increase in gambling - Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines

Gambling 2 - signifigant increases when gambling - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Gambling 3 - signifigant increase in gambling - Silver Strip, Shamrock Casino

Combat 1 - 10% pp boost from weapon kills - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Combat 2 - 10% pp bonus from weapon kills -Royal flush plaza, yesterday today and tommorow

Combat 3 - 10% pp boost to weapon kills - Underground, near westernmost underground access point

Sports - sports items last 3 times longer - palisades mall, stan's large print books and magazines

Bikes - Bikes last 3 times longer - Slot ranch casino, side room off northern most room

Playboy - get 10% pp bonus from activities involving female survivors - palisades mall, near what looks like a pond on the map

Building - Construction items last 3 times longer - south plaza on scaffolding in large east west hallway between the 2 southernmost maintenance rooms

Juice Boost - Consumed juice lasts twice as long - Silver strip, just east of luali wauwii

Drinking - Drink as much alcohol as you want and not get sick - atlantica casino, overhead platform north of sipparellos

Bargaining 1 - lowers pawn shop items cost by 10% - Americana casino, roof of small north eastern room

Psychos - 25% pp boost from defeating psychos - Platinum strip, roof of platinum screens

Blades - edged weapons last 3 times longer - Underground, north of the only save point underground.

Hand to hand - stronger bare hand attacks - Royal Flush Plaza, Ragazines
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l3izerker answered:

Magazine stores, mostly..
But the books are a lil different than the ones in DR. So far i've only found:
Driving(1): americana casino, bbq restaurant - makes 4-wheeled vehicles 3 times as durable
Combat Books(2) : in or near magazine/book stores - 10%PP bonus to [combo?] weapons kills
juicing book? found outside near yucatan maybe? - makes mixed juices last longer
Horror Books(2): both in mag/books stores - 25%PP bonus each for defeating a set number of zombies (ie:250 or 500)
sports(1): mag/book store
leadership(1): building next to wedding chapel outside
Gambling(3): 2 in book stores : (doubles winnings?)
world news? (1): found near arena - gives bonus for survivor related stuff (20% maybe 10%)
construction:(1) found in South plaza, the unfinished part. gotta climb a scaffolding & then the wall to get to a catwalk..)
And this is def an incomplete list
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SlayerKnot answered:

Add to this Health 2 found in Yucatan Casino.
Inside of the bar on the end of the shelf next to the kitchen area.
+100% health restored when using healing items
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SlayerKnot answered:

The bar is straight across from snowflakes cage.
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