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What are the different types of drinks and combos?

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kerby316 answered:


* Energizer=Chili + Chili
* Energizer=Taco + Hamburger

Chuck wont get any injury for like 10 seconds.


* Nectar= Orange Juice + Orange Juice
* Nectar=Jelly Beans + Beer
* Nectar=Onion Rings + Orange Juice

Nectar attracts nearby Queens to Chuck, and also spawns one Queen nearby. The effect of the nectar lasts for 6 seconds.

Pain Killer

* Pain Killer=Beer + Beer
* Pain Killer:=Vodka + Vodka

Chuck takes only half physical damage, effect lasts for one minute

Quick Step

* Quick Step=Milk + Jelly Beans
* Quick Step=Wine + Beer
* Quick Step=Bacon + Pie

Quick Step Increases Chucks movement speed and the effect lasts for one minute.


* Randomizer=Beer + Cooking Oil
* Randomizer=Wine + Vodka

Gives Chuck stomach pains that makes him puke. He throws up three times, and the effect will last for three minutes.


* Repulse=Bacon + Chili
* Repulse=Chili + Large Soda
* Repulse:=Chili + Ketchup
* Repulse=Chili+Onion Rings
* Repulse=Chili + Pie

Zombies cannot and will not attack you. It overrides Zombait while in effect and lasts for one minute.


* Spitfire=Bacon + Onion Rings
* Spitfire=Ketchup + Ketchup
* Spitfire=Bacon + Orange Juice
* Spitfire=Chili + Orange Juice

Changes Chucks harmless ability to spit at zombies into a short range flame burst and the effect lasts for one minute.


* Untouchable=Pizza + Large Soda
* Untouchable=Bacon + Milk
* Untouchable=Chili + Milk
* Untouchable=Onion Rings + Milk
* Untouchable=Onion Rings + Pie
* Untouchable=Pie + Orange Juice
* Untouchable=Orange Juice + Milk

Chuck cannot be grabbed by Zombies but can still suffer damage from their attacks, its effect lasts for one minute.


* Zombait=Jelly Beans + Chili
* Zombait=Apple + Taco
* Zombait=Pie + Milk

Zombies are more attracted to Chuck, aids in distracting zombies from survivors, and the effect will last for one minute.
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