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Are there any other unannounced psychopaths?

I missed Ted and Snowflake on my first playthrough because they didn't show up on my watch? Are there others?

Also, what about unannounced survivors?

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khytomer answered:

The snipers on the strip won't be announced either. There's also a few unannounced survivors:

Janus: in front of atlantica entrance on the strip around the same time as the guy in the diner (hunger pains)
3 girls in kathys spaces in Royal Flush plaza on the second day, around after 9am
The poker players in atlantica casino at the same when you have to defeat the twins,
The tape it or die tryin crew: check the other answers here for them (palisades sportsshop)
2 soldiers holding out on the strip after the military cutscene.
Lennard hiding from Ted in one of the backrooms
Ray hiding from the sheriff-psycho around the nearest maintenance room.

You always have to have enough "space" for them, so if you have messages in your list with 6 survivors you can only receive messages for groups of 2 survivors max, and unannoined survivors won't show up, when there's too many survivors active.
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Zombielvebrainz answered:

Snow flake and Ted, yucatan.
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Reaper2225 answered:

There is Brandon who you fight in the bathroom during the mission Chuck Greene Role Model
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WeirdPanda answered:

The only psychopath that doesn't appear on the watch is:

Ted and Snowflake (tiger)

The 4 Snipers

TK in overtime.
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