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The Tape it or Die crew?

Exactly how am I supposed to get to these guys? There's hardly anyone loose in the map, and I keep going to the door I've heard you need to go to, but it's always locked.

Am I missing something, is there a special trigger? Do I need to find them the first time in order to save them the second time around?

Accepted Answer

khytomer answered:

It unlocks after killing the twins and giving Katie her Zombrex on the 27th (opened for me between 9-10am). If you want to make sure it opens, you need to save/kill all of the remaining survivors in the message list, since some of the unannounced survivors might count towards your 8survivor maximum. Also, there's 3 guys hiding out in one of the vip-rooms in atlantica, you might wanna deal with them first.
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