Question from slayersfan01

Asked: 4 years ago

Game won't let me modify my bike?

I've beaten Leon already and have his trailer. However, no matter what Items I bring to the table it doesn't register at all. I can't even drop it onto the table. Anybody have any ideas?

Accepted Answer

From: Shockwave962 4 years ago

When you go inside the trailer there is a bike park inside. All you have to do is go get a chainsaw, LMG, Big Stuff toy, Rocketlauncer. any of this thing will do cuz ive tried it. and you dont have to combine it in a workbench just pull out the 1 of these in ur inventory and press B near the Bike inside the trailer :D And also u can paint it too just go get a spray paint and use it on the bike XD have fun

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You need to combine the item with the bike directly not the workbench, try the chainsaw for example.

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