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How many endings are there? *SPOILERS*

Just finished the game and got the S ending. Now I want to go back and see what other endings there are. Does letting Katey die or missing a Case deadline count as an ending, even if you continue rescuing survivors? How many are there and how to get them? Please don't tell what happens, only how to get them. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Scruffnerf and Tangypie. Anyone know how to get Ending C and E?

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TangyPie answered:

There are 7 endings

S - Complete overtime mode

A - Complete all cases without giving TK zombrex

B - Don't complete any cases, Katey Survives

C - (Havent got this one yet)

D - Dont complete any cases, Katey Dies

E - (Havent got this one yet, possibly results from not being in the safehouse when military arrives with all cases completed until then)

F - Military bombs Fortune City
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ScruffNerf answered:

You get ending A by not giving TK the Zombrex. At the end when the helicopter arrives Katey and Stacey appear but Katey drops her backpack by the lift doors. Chuck runs to pick it up and the lift door opens and zombie TK comes out and drags Chuck inside.

You get Ending F by not giving Katey any zombrex, like in case zero.

Haven't got any others yet.
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siugi answered:

Case c give katey zombrex thats it btw horrible ending.
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Havix917 answered:

I got a B ending but the city was Firebombed and it said the safehouse people were either eaten or blown up.
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