Question from toneygarner360

Zombie maker?

Is there a ez way of making the survivors zombies just for the fun of it?
i wold like to know hehehehehehehehe

Accepted Answer

SlayerKnot answered:

It doesn't do it like it did DR1. This is my educated guess because I have let almost every one of them die. I just get the initial PP and never take them back because
A. This isn't my " serious" playthrough and I'm not worried about the achievement. Just goofing off for now.
B. I'm too lazy to take them back.
C. Most of them are annoying as hell IMO.
I must say it would be pretty cool if tamed Snowflake turned into a zombie cat though. lol
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hitenmitsurugix answered:

I have no idea, I haven't seen a cutscene when I let someone die... just the death message. (not undead, just dead)
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lowjunk answered:

No. There isn't a way for you to turn survivors into zombies. They just die.
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