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Snow flake, tame?

How do i tame snowflake, i killed his owner, i tried to give him stake, but it inst working, how do i tame him for the achievement.

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UberGolem answered:

I have found that 'dropping' (down on D-pad) the steaks in an open area (in front of Snowflake's enclosure) and running around it, keeping the steak between you and Snowflake works best.

With throwing, I had been throwing them too hard. Often bouncing offa Snowflake or a zombie, and sliding off into the distance.
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-DX- answered:

When you're doing the fight, first take out teddy, he goes down really easy, even without a combo weapon. If you don't have anything useful, just pick up the tiki torch in front of him, and hammer away and he'll die in under a minute. After the cutscene, snowflake carries on running around. There is a little platform type area where you begin to fight teddy, with a few combo items as well as 3 steaks up there. Throw the stakes at snowflake, and job done.
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Panzerbat answered:

Also if you bring Snow flake back to the safe house you can give her to Katy as a gift
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FerniCastellano answered:

To tame snowflake you have to have three streaks and have killed the ted the owner. you need to throw the streak between you and snowflake when hes away from he will kinda charge at you but slow down when close to the streak then eats it. you have give him all three streaks until his health is filled up so be sure not to hit him or any of your survivors if you have any following you.
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