Question from phantom5582

Asked: 4 years ago

About the TIR event?

Is there a score that you can get to make it where everyone isn't "You're disappointing"? I mean I placed first and all. Is there something I'm missing?

Additional details - 4 years ago

That is what I thought, but I mean in the show and after on the way to the green room the disappointing comments are replaced with more flirty comments from the girls and a "I knew them zombies couldn't take you" from TK

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From: hitenmitsurugix 4 years ago

It's part of the story dude... TK, the twins, and Leon are supposed to berate you

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I'll start another playthrough and see if my comments get changed, there was an update shortly after I played a TIR game online

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Since the outbreak and framing of Chuck happen just after the show, TK and the twins are already in on the plan and have no love for you since you're supposed to die in their pretty little evil world where things go the way they want. I scored almost 3 times the 2nd place guy this time, and it was still the same dialogue as the first time I placed 1st.

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Ok. I think there should have been more to the opening cutscene and that it changed depending on how well or poorly you did. I would think that they thought you were going to die when the zombies took over based on TK's comments. It would have been nice to have the opening scene as is if you didn't win the event, and then better comments if you did. But then that would have been more work for the team. Ah well. thanks for the help. I'll put hitenmitsurugix's answer as first, but you helped as well Xanrus

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