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How do I beat Randy? (wedding chapel)

Just wanted to see how to beat Randy? His chainsaw takes nearly 4 of my bars of health. Any suggestions?

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thanks for all the input everyone. Gone through this game twice now. On to the: Tape it or Die crew now. Thanks!

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bluekisses07 answered:

First thing to state is
1. randy moves really fast
2. randy has a big chain saw with moves
a trick to land hit on randy is to do this
in the chapel there are pews that you can see butted up against a small wall, instead of running from randy (which you can't without getting hit) just keep hopping between the small wall on the side of the pews.
When you do this he will tire himself out (randy will grab his chest) because he so fat.
land a few swings (i used a Broadsword) about 2-3 then repeat the wall hoping again to wear randy out. before you know it you won the fight.
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hitenmitsurugix answered:

If you've got quick reflexes, you could try blades... if not then try to bring a lot of guns and food. It's a pretty easy fight if you can take a beating, people have been recommending Painkillers for every tough fight, find a blender and mix two alcohols (have to be the same, ex: VodkaX2 or beerX2)... they're usually in bars and this should at least make you last a bit longer. If not, I just suggest leveling up a bit before taking him on.

I hope this helps man, I know how annoying he is... I used two painkillers and broke a katana.
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toxin4158 answered:

I just used the broadsword or twins kitana and laser sword and the shotgun along with having a part of the ninja out fit on but you might not have it
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RockStarJon answered:

You want a cheap and easy way to beat him? go to the maintenance room in the middle of Freedom Park near where Randy is. There should be a leaf rake and a battery. Combine them to make the electric rake. When you go in to fight stay by the pews. When he comes running at you jump over the wall with the pews and smack him with the rake. It will go through the wall and he usually cant hit you. When he comes around the other side to get you just jump back over and do it again. You should have him beat in about a minute.
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Lagboy answered:

I found the best way is to get 2 shotguns from the Outside Stage. Jump on the speakers on the right to the top railing and a cop on the ground front of the Outside stage. got some pain killer went in to fight him. i just jumped the wooden fence where its attached to the benches jumped back and forth when he gets too close. Or if you wanna find an Awsome LMG (Light Machine Gun) go to Yucatan Casino in the center climb the statue youll find the LMG and Zombrex too while your at it.
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Grimbear13 answered:

Defiler (Hammer + Axe) does incredible damage on all bosses. Also if you make him run a long distance he gets tired and winded for a moment. Most bosses have a strategy like this where something of their cliche can be used for your advantage. Personally I usually just got into a Two men enter 1 man leaves mentality whenever I fought psychos. I just made sure to have heavy heals or would run to find some.
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hitenmitsurugix answered:

the defiler is a great weapon but it is so slow... if you've got the health to survive a few hits then I say go for it, if not then call up a friend and take turns wailing on him.
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NRDeadFamous answered:

If you make the rocket launcher (lead pipe and fireworks) and jump between the wooden fence within the Chapel. This deals incredibly rapid and powerful hits
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Jelenedra answered:

Strategy I used, I hopped back and forth over the pews and either waited for him to tire himself out and came in with knife gloves or use a pole blade (machete + push broom) and swing that when he's still. The pole blade clips through the pews and will still hit him. A little cheap, but it worked for me. I was desperate.
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CJSCONSOLE answered:

Ok one way to do it is when u start off there is a small wooden wall that u can jump over. Come prepared with shotguns and assault rifles. Start shooting at him and wen he comes at u jump over the wall and repaet this until Randy drop on his fat virgin ass : )
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POWNAGELINK57 answered:

Get a lot of guns or other weapons and food and start the fight. Right off of the bat try to get outside and climb on top of the kiask and wait for him to run in. Wait for 5 or so seconds and randy will start hugging/humping the girl(forgot name) shot him with lmg/sniper/shotgun or run up to him and start hacking he will give chase. go outside onto the kiask again and wait. Rinse and repeat.

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Crixen420 answered:

I belive the best way to do it without guns it get like 4 defilers and do not get close and melee him but just throw them at him after he gets winded. no one relizes that the defiler does massive dmg but is very slow but it can be fast if you just throw it and it pick it up. this techniqe will take about 8-10 throws i belive and he should be toast just in case bring a hand gun or shot gun to finish up your work.
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save_me2 answered:

Just keep jumping on the fence the keeps distance between you and him after he does his spin attack. Hit him with a lightsaber and bring at least 3 juice. I defeated him without a problem.
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Zombielvebrainz answered:

Pew glitch ftw!
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L337fireball answered:

An lmg will only take off half his health with every shot hitting, after that painkillers and knife gloves complete with some repeated hopping over the walls worked pretty well
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KevinC1995 answered:

All you need to do is go to the gun store and take the two shotguns, Then once the cut seen is over go to the left of the chapel in between the fence and the wall once randy comes to you jump the fence and shoot at him as he will stand there for about 5 seconds, Once he starts to come round to attack you jump the fence again and pump him full of lead. You will be able to kill him easily with this tactic Hope i helped
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da5tarassasin answered:

When he chases after you jump over the wall near the benches and he will chase you around until he gets tired for free hits
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Jack_Benny answered:

Mix yourself some painkillers 2 should do it in an extreme situation, bring a bladed weapon, I prefer the knife gloves. Swig a painkiller BEFORE you trigger the battle. come out swinging. Less than a minute's work for me. Depends on your Chuck's level, I guess.
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Anubis3k answered:

I did it by running around until he got tired, then just hitting him a couple times with the knife gloves or flamethrower. I've noticed the pipe launcher will push him back when fired once or twice, but won't have much effect otherwise.
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AJ_leveler answered:

rocket launcher = WIN (fireworks+ lead pipe)
keep hopping over the fence until he gets tired or taunts..
aim at him and hold X .. does extreme damage ..
rinse and repeat :) should be done in about 5 minutes depending on how much he taunts. :L
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kevinr99 answered:

Okay basically it is pretty simple. you need to repetatively keep jump over the pews and shoot him. There is a LMG on top of a sign outside. It is the small casino close to the first pawn shop. Get that and also get a shotgun. This guy just takes time. He isn't really hard unless you screwup and he hits you. But other than that it is pretty simple.
(gotta give credit to Achievement hunter because I honestly never fought him but I was looking at a bunch of different Psycho Guides they made because I was Bored.)
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Manwithmustash answered:

Use the light attack of Power Guitar (Electric Guitar + Amp) when you hit him it makes him stop, you might need two of them but it's super easy.
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SnakeEyes170 answered:

heres my tactic: get atleast 2 laser swords (I.E. flashlight+gems) then go in the boss battle go by the seats when randy charges at you jump over the row thing then doing this more than atleast 2 times will eventually make him tired leaving him defensless allowing you to rape him.....
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Bartre_4TW answered:

Rocket launcher (rocket fireworks and lead pipe) is the best weapon to use against him. However, that's not all you should into there with (it doesn't hurt to have shotguns or sniper rifles, but that's not what I'm getting at). The best item to use against this guy? Quickstep. Why? Easy. Randy has asthma, so if you run around in circles at the same speed he runs, he'll have an asthma attack, and that's your chance to wail on him with a rocket launcher, broadsword, battleaxe, or whatever.
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andrewpolukhin answered:

Dude, he's slow as heck and when you hit him( i used knifegloves) it takes a lot of his life off. just hit him a couple times and dodge his a ttacks with dodging roll and he's yours
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EclipseHound99 answered:

I just beat him earlier and the easiest way I found to whoop him is to bring along 3 creamer and the laser sword as well as a health mag. that boosts healing effects by 50% and just pummel him with the laser sword and if your health runs low outrun him and heal than repeat he will go down in a minute :)
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