Question from al3xis000

Asked: 4 years ago

Only one playthrough?

I was wondering if these achievements like Head Trauma, Death From Afar etc...that is to use every melee weapons on a zombie or ranged weapon this has to be made in only one playthrough???

Accepted Answer

From: SamwiseDaFool 4 years ago

The only ones you need to do in a single playthrough are:
Father of the Year
Imporper Behavior
Zombie Slaughter
Zombie Destruction
Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder
Zombie Genocide Master

Unsure about the Psychopath/Survivor related ones as I did them in one go.

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If you mean - Grabbing every Melee/Ranged Weapon and using it within one run-thru, then yes, you will have to. I seriously doubt you can do some on one run-thru then the rest on another.

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My understanding is that you could do them through multiple playthroughs because i got the acheivement to deliver 10 survivors usining the same survivors over multiple play throughs but Im not totally sure if its the same with those but i would think so.

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I know that use all firearms and use all explosives doesn't have to be in a single playthrough.

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