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How do I beat Tastes Like Chicken?

Any strategy for beating the chef?

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outlawvenom1 answered:

Like most of the enemies in this game, he has a pattern. When he's running at you, move away from him because he's trying to hit you in the head with a frying pan. If he stands back from you, he's probably going to throw stuff at you, so zig-zag to avoid that or use your dodge roll if you've unlocked it. You want to get in close and hit him when he stops to eat from either a plate on one of the tables or a pot in the kitchen. With the bat, I was usually able to land two or three hits on him before i had to retreat. Then repeat. Keep in mind that if you need to retreat to find food for healing, he will also heal some of his health if you let him eat.
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DarthFurySpoon answered:

Try leveling up or having someone join you in co-op. Level 30+ is the best suited level to beat him.
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MadMan117 answered:

Get a lot of guns from High Noon Shooting Range in Palisades Mall, second floor. Equip all that you can carry. Keep your distance from the chef, shooting him with a shotgun when he's chasing you. Then when he runs to eat food, take out the sniper and shoot him. Rinse, repeat. If you need heath, there's plenty within the food court.
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toxin4158 answered:

Get the a decent amount of food along with a laser sword, broadsword, and the kitana from the twins then just stay persistant
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FruiPunSamuraiG answered:

Get 2 pair of knife glove and the rest of the inventory should be healing item. try to run around next to him but not 2 far when he misses while trying to hit u, use the knife glove land 1 or 2 hit and then run away. then he should be gonig to eat more fried chicken, just stay next to him and keep spaming him with ur knife glove. if you found ur self low on health and no more food, there should be some wine just outside of the restuant.
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hitenmitsurugix answered:

I found that painkillers, juice book, and a defiler are quite effective for any boss who doesn't shoot and stands long enough to have a few swipes taken at them
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MisguidedTerran answered:

I went with the knifed boxing gloves combo, really destroys him quickly. Surprisingly, this boss follows mostly the same rules as many of the other bosses. If you get close enough, they'll switch to melee weapons, in this case his frying pan.

He'll start by throwing dishes at you, run around the kitchenry and make for his face whenever he stops for a quick two swipes. Back away (dodge roll really helps) before his swing and he should completely miss and either run after you, (in which case dodge and retaliate with another two swipes) or run off and munch on some of his stuff, (in this case spam some attacks, but be prepared for him to finish and swing at you again.)

Yes, painkillers help, laser swords help, but that knife glove combo rocks all. In the end though don't worry too much if you can't beat him, you can always restart and come back at him with better stats.
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deragon99 answered:

I found it easiest with the basic nail bat and just stock up on lots of orange juice. Try to level up until you get the combat roll though, and use it whenever he throws plates or pans. Otherwise, beat the snot out of him when he stops to hit a zombie or eats.
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