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Asked: 4 years ago


Whats been your most hilarious moment in Dead Rising 2???

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From: MisguidedTerran 4 years ago

Placing Freedom Bear during my boss fight with the postal worker. He was cornered into a store and I dashed in with the knife gloves to flush him out, and he shoots me in the face and runs away. So I hop inside and go to drink a painkiller when I hear the tinny voice, "Let's get it on!" BUDDABUDDABUDDA "AAUUUGH!"

Freedom Bear murdered the poor man, and the game slowed on Chuck facing the camera and finishing his drink, looking like he had the most epic beverage ever.

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knocked the fk out of a random dude that joins my game. and throw food item in his face in stead of giving it to him. i LOLed hard.

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First time I made a freedom bear. Nuff said.

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Playing co-op, i knocked out my friend, got a bunch of beer, and proceeded to puke on him.

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My favorite when the sheriff falls on the table saw and chuck says I saw what you did there. It was awesome because I was rocking David Caruso aviators at the time.

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