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Where is The BFG? and...

Where is the BFG? And do weapons you get from defeating psychos stay unlocked when you start a new game+, or do you need to defeat the psychos again to get them back?

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RockStarJon answered:

Ummm...I believe there is a BFG...How else are you gonna get the Super BFG? you have to combine an amplifier with the Blast Frequency Gun (aka the BFG) I wish people knew what they were talking about when they post...The BFG is underground towards the end of the game...there is one in the room with the two scientists.
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xanrus answered:

There is no BFG. Only the SUPER BFG who's card you'll unlock through levelling. If you're talking about weapons like chainsaws and six-shooters, yes you have to kill them again to unlock them. If you're talking about Combo Cards taken from dead psychos, then they stay with you for all time.
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