Question from BossCharlie

How do I beat the chef?

He keeps eating food which I cannot defend

Accepted Answer

SlayerKnot answered:

Use quick step.
Run up to him while he eats.
Smack him 2 or 3 times and then retreat b4 he melees you.Any of the combo gloves work great for this.
Also he almost always misses you when he throws things if you running around with quick step active.
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Chase after him when he starts running and pummel him as he starts eating, he will stop eating to attack you and then try running to the next food.
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elmangos answered:

I found it easy to take some plates from the wall near the start, and then just hit him with 1 when he was eating. This keeps you from having to run after him and him eating a few bites since he moves so much faster than you. after you hit him with 1 just pummel him with the best weapons you have with you.. and you'll get it in no time. :] -Elmangos
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HeroOfTime777 answered:

A. Take some plates or a fire arm or something to throw at him while he is eating to make him stop. When you charges at you to hit you, side step and hit him 2-3 times with a weapon that will stun him for a moment.
B. Hit him with a powerful weapon that won't stun him (You can make a Laser Sword with Gems and a Flashlight in the maintenance room behind the stage in the Slot Ranch Casino. I used this and it doesn't seem to make him stop eating). This should take away more health than he can regain. If he is too far away to make it to him on time to hit him, shoot or throw something at him.

Also, there is Wine and Pasta right outside the restaurant on a table that you can eat to heal. He can't go out there to hit you, but he can still throw stuff at you. Watch out for zombies, and alternate between eating the pasta and drinking the wine so Chuck doesn't get sick. Just make sure that you don't spend too much time out there grabbing food, he might just heal all of his health back up by the time you get back into the fight. I'd carry some of it with you into the restaurant and just eat/drink it behind something while he is throwing stuff at you.
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