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I found a secret area, are there others?

In the Royal Flush Plaza, just past SportTrance there is a phone booth, if you climb it, then climb onto the stone overhang, you can jump onto a platform with a broken fence, you turn around and jump to the flowers, then look through the openings to see a picnic area. accross from that are several sticks of dynamite and a bunny hanging from a air baloon. there is a steak,sniper rifle, and spear in the picnic area, along with 2 boxes and two chairs and a table. So I was wondering if there were other interesting hidden areas around the city?

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They are all over in the dead rising universe. Look for vending machines you can use to reach higher ledges.
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buft answered:

Nice find, there is a similar area in the food court, in a later side mission you get up there but if you miss the quest you might never find it, there are loads of areas like this in this game and its prequel.
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Zombielvebrainz answered:

Awesome man il definatly use it
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