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What is the best strategy for helping Bibi?

I've used zombait, brought survivors, and even used the firecrackers... but I never get enough people to start the show and Bibi just kills everyone.

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hitenmitsurugix answered:

I figured it out, no ninja clothes at all... sorry everyone
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BMD_cptmurphy answered:

Ok, this takes about a few seconds to get done. I used firecrackers in combination with . . . well myself. Draw them in. Walk close to them and as they notice and begin to approach lead them in to the front of the stage and throw a few crackers to keep them distracted while you gather another group. I drew them in 3 - 4 zombies at a time and you need 12 - 15 to initiate sequence. Then you have to do her pyrotechnics while she sings. Afterwards she stage dives into the zombies. Once you are in control you can either let her get eaten by the zombies or kill them and rescue her with the other survivors like Paul from the first game. Saving her gives you over 50,000PP!
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dj_threnody answered:

also, I don't recommend having any wingmen....makes it hard to round up zombies :(
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