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What is the best way to get alot of PP?

Im trying to get to level 50 really early in the game and I dont know how.

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shrooboid313 answered:

One way is to collect the 3 gambling magazines and play the huge slot machine in Slot Ranch Casino until you have $2 million. Then buy the hummer from the Silver or Platinum strip and run over zombies. (i can't remember which strip is which but the hummer is at the North-eastern strip)
The gambling mags can be found in:
Ragazines - Royal Flush Plaza
Big Stan/earl's large print books - Palisades Mall
Shamrock Casino - One of the strips.
At the giant slot machine in Slot Ranch if you press "bet max" ($1000) you can win upto $100,000 at once, and with all 3 gamblings mags you have a better chance of winning.
The hummer keys are available for $2 million at a pawnshop.
But you could get the sportscar in Royal Flush for $500,000 or the chopper (bike) for $1 million.
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POWNAGELINK57 answered:

recuse survivors with the rescue mag in you inventory it gives 25%PP bonus
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