Question from degenerate4ever

Asked: 4 years ago

Where do I mix drinks?

Also good drink combos please.

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From: Libra_137 4 years ago

More specifically, the main bar in both the Americana and Slot Ranch casinos have blenders. There are others as well, but I hardly ever use them. I prefer the one in the Americana, personally, since it's so close to the safe room. At this location, there are infinite Wine (Wine + Wine = Quickstep) and Beer (Beer + Beer = Painkiller). You can fill up on as much food as you want to carry in less than one minute here.

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Find blenders in bars

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Blender areas:

Slot Ranch
Juggz Bar and Grill (Platinum Strip)
Palisades (Center Grotto)
Pub O' Gold (Silver Strip)

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americana has unlimited supply of wine so u can make as many quicksteps as u like. Wine + Wine hope this helps

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