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How do you play Poker in Strip Poker?

I found myself guessing what is my next move but i still dont get how the strip poker works. Because i wanted to beat jack so i can take the helmet for the knight set. But i really dont get it can someone explain it

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ICED1CE answered:

Rules on Texas Hold'em (High State Poker [High Priced Buy In]) and Ante-up
Texas Hold'em Follows Elimination rule once you out of money u out of the game.
Ante-up Follows Buy Back rule, I believe u can buy back up too 4 times.

Seeing how u want to beat Jack u playing the Ante-up version
Basic rules u want to know
1. BB and SB they stand for Big Bet and Side Bet. Big Bet Always have to put in the Pot. Side Bet pays half.
2. Fold, Call/Check, Raise, and All In. Fold means to give up on hand u have. Call means you accept the new pot and will pay that amount. Check means a Neutral to the next card or to see if others will bet. Raise means you put up money and others must follow in order to continue. All In means win or lose this is the last hand.
3. Make the best hand u can get with the 7 cards that appear.
1. If you are not the BB or SB and have low number cards fold it you probly same money like this.
2. Computers usually dont go all in unless they Do have something good. You can try to make a positive read by making a early small raise. If they call your raise u might not want to try to all in.
3. Going on the Offensive can be done if the computer has a difference in the bank meaning if u have more money to put in the pot than the computer go for it bet them untill they lose. make sure u have the best hand on the first 5 cards shown. don't go all in on a hope of a chance you get 1 number or suit but make some bets.
4. Winning order from highest to lowest,
Royal Flush = Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 all Spades wins Auto.
Straight Flush = Straight same suit.
Flush = all same suit
Full house = Triple and a pair
Four = four of a Kind
Straight = Straight
2 Pairs
High Card

Btw I didn't teach you how to gamble lol O.O
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EvetscipE answered:

it works like real poker, you have to know when to call, raise, check or fold, if the first 3 cards arent working for you I'd say check to the 4th and if that doesnt work out Fold

Mind you, you could always bluff by calling all-in or by raising the stakes by 20 or so grand that's how I beat the chick in the bikini >.>
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kingkujoe answered:

Basically what the previous guy said. Also if the computer raises before the 5 cards are delt they are likey holding a high card (i.e. Ace, King, ect.) or possible pair. Old gambler saying don't go chasing inside straights.
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