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Why am I not getting PP for killing zombies any more?

I'm at about level 12 or so, and I've now realized I'm no longer getting any PP for killing zombies with regular weapons (combo weapons still give me PP). Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

moosex provided additional details:

Thanks for sorting me out. I actually sort of suspected that it was just me being stupid. I think the reason it took me so long to notice, is that you level up more quickly in the beginning, so the 50-kills pp is much more noticeable. I just sort of assumed there was a PP for each kill. Now when the leveling interval is much longer just running around, chopping zombies doesn't cut it any more. Time to get creative in other words. So combo weapons it is then... Thanks again.

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KingDVL answered:

Regular weapons generally don't give PP. Only combo wins. There are a couple exceptions such as pushing a zombie in a wheelchair, but that only gives 20 PP.
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