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Closed pawn shop?

I'm currently on my second play through and the pawn shop has not opened. I'm on case 5-1 stake out and i want to buy the SUV keys but no pawn shop is open to buy any items.

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Robsbry answered:

At any point in the game, you go to Platinum strip/Silver strip and go to Moe's Maginations, Talk to the looter and he'll open up the store and all other stores.
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arellanojuan answered:

Wait for the Another Mans Trash after the first Zombrex. Go to Moe's Maginations and talk to the thief there
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BMD_cptmurphy answered:

Actually, you can go to Moes Maginations anytime you want. I went there before I even got the first zombrex. That is as much as I have scene and I'm on my 5th playthrough.
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BMD_cptmurphy answered:

Isnt that what i said? lol!
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RatedM4Master answered:

You have to go out in the open and find a place called "Moe's Maginations, after you talk to the looter two times, all the other pawn shops will open up.
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