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Asked: 4 years ago

What are all the skills you can get and abilities?

It will help me a lot thanks if u answer

Additional details - 4 years ago

At what level do i get this abilities?

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From: SamwiseDaFool 4 years ago

There are 15 in total and they are:
Backdrop - Defensive move when grappled from behind
Jump Kick - Jump and kick forwards to knock out zombies
DOT - Defensive move when grappled from the front
Curb Stomp - Smash a downed zombie with your boot
Front Kick - Says it all
Dodge Roll - Evasive roll in the direction your facing
Double Leg Drop Kick - Heavy frontal attack that knocks down many zombies
Foot Sweep - Knocks zombies down, good for setting up other skill attacks
Elbow Drop - Higher you jump the greater the pain for whoever you land on
Haymaker - Heavy bare-handed punch which takes a second to charge up
Field Goal - For use on downed zombies
Smash - Grabs a zombie by the head and smashes them to the ground or into object around you (benches, walls etc) to kill them - Achievement related
Hands Off - Grab a zombie by the arms and kick their chest outwards leaving them armless
Power Bomb - Pick up a downed zomie by the feet and slam them infront of you
Pick Up - Lift a standing zombie above your head and throw them at others - note you are very slow while holding zombie and can be knocked out of.

As you level up and your Attack and Throw Distance increase these moves will become deadlier.

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