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Anyone else lagging while playing solo and offline? Glitch Help Needed

I am experiencing lag while playing the game. Chuck takes a few steps, the screen freezes, and then, as if by magic, Chuck jumps forward a step or 2 as if the screen never froze, often into the open arms of a zombie horde. I have beat the game and was halfway through my second playthrough when this started. I have tried starting a new game, the disc is perfectly unscratched, even using a new hard drive (to see if the problem was with a save file) hasn't stopped it. No other games glitch up like this so I'm fairly sure it is not the Xbox. Any thoughts or similar expriences?

megaman962 provided additional details:

Reaper315, I hope you are right about the patch. I thought for a moment I had solved my own problem. I told myself, "It's gotta be a faulty disc. I'm not sure why it allowed me to finish a playthrough and reach 45 before f'in up, but that's gotta be it." With this logic, I took my first copy back to the store and exchanged it. Sadly, it seems this is a legitimate glitch, as I am staring at my zombie filled screen. Every other step the zombies glitch forward a few steps after freezing for a millisecond... Capcom hurry, I need my fix. I'm jonesin' bad. : (

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Yes this has happened to me before not often but once and awhile i am sure they will fix it with another patch soon, i also have the sound cut out frequently on my game.
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