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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the guns?

I need some help so I can earn pp quicker.

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use this map it helps

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Go to the Palisades Mall and there is a gun shop on the 2nd floor.

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There is also a LMG in the palisades on a ledge at one of the entrnaces to the cave/resteraunt in the middles, you can see the spanner icon but the gun is under bushes

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i found an LMG and a zombrex where you kill ted and tame snowflake i went on the box things and found a LMG wit zombrex next to it

note: use LMG wit a bike fo an LMG-sicle. it owns all zombeias in yo way!!!

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High Noon Shooting Range 2nd floor of Palisades has Snipers and Shotguns
Top of centerpiece thingy in Yucatan has LMG
Bushes near center bar/cave in Palisades has LMG
Random pawnshops also have Assault Rifles ($1000) and LMGs ($20000)
Some cop zombies have shotguns or handguns
military zombies have assault rifles
assault rifles and/or grenades appear at crashed humvees after military gets attacked

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