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Tape it or die crew?

Ok, i have a save at 8:14 am. Actice missions are WWJWD and case 5-1. I read that you should get the call between 9-10 am but i played through to 12 and never got it. At 9 "Ante up Begins" and at about 9:20 The 1 with the europa girl starts, (cant think of the name.) and when i walk outside the snipers start.. So will i have to kill 2 of the snipers, Europa, the sherrif guy and Ray to get it to activate? Or will i still have too many active survivors.. How should i go about this?

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Also, I already saved Jacob, Nevada, and Jessica in the Atlantica casino, And the guy for bank run.

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drakejcl answered:

You don't get a call for the first interaction. You simply go to the Koko Sports store on the first floor and the door will be open. They will ask for the parts for a plate launcher and you get a Combo Card for doing that. The next day after the military arrives, you will get a call that their studio is on fire. You have to be doing the Cases to get this to trigger.
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BMD_cptmurphy answered:

I think you are too late as well. I believe you were supposed to go at 6am after you complete Case 4-1. Double check. Right after the third zombrex injection after 4-1.
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ZitoDaz answered:

Same thing happened to me. First off, make sure you have no survivors with you. I've read that it opens at 6 AM, but for me it wouldn't open until 9 AM. I think this is because you need to have most of the current missions cleared, so I'd suggest taking the 3 chicks on the top of the water slide through the short cut to Royal Flush Plaza and then come back. Make sure you have a cement saw and a stack of plates also, one of the tape it or die crew needs these items to create a combo weapon. If you do this request you should get a call on the 4th day and all 4 will be waiting to be saved on the first floor of Kokonutz Sports.
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