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Food and clothing acheivements?

Do you have to eat all available food in one play through to get the achievement? Same goes for the clothing and weapons achievements

jimmybono provided additional details:

So does the same go for clothing and weapons

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residentevilfrk answered:

The food, clothing, and weapon achievements do not have to be done in one playthrough. As long as you save it will remember what you have or haven't used once you restart the story.
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Ksandria11 answered:

The clothing and weapon achievements i can confirm carry over from play throughs not sure about the food ones but the mixing drinks do so i assume food one does also
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BMD_cptmurphy answered:

i dont know if Ksandria understood the question. you have to complete each achievement in one playthrough. ie. you want the food achievement, you have to eat each type before 72 hours(or game ends). Once you have completed the achievement, it does carry over.
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BMD_cptmurphy answered:

thats weird. it was like that in dr1. as far as i have seen, the only thing the game passes through is PP, Unlockables, and Cash. im going to try it out.
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