Question from Roxas_999

Getting Ready for Genocide Master any last tips of advice?

hey guys getting Ready for the big 72,000 kills, just wanna no how tight will it be? do i bother with durability mags? should i have a certain kill no. by day 1, 2, 3 and 4?

Accepted Answer

nintendo_legacy answered:

First, you need to buy the SUV Key from the Pawn Shop on the Platinum Strip (the key costs 2M and the SUV is in the Shamrock Casino). Next, restart the story and grab the magazine in the BBQ restaurant in the Americana Casino that makes four wheeled vehicles last three times as long. Lastly, don't waste time, go kill those undead creatures, you should have 72K a little before the military arrives on the last day.
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Zombielvebrainz answered:

Day 1(5 hours of non stop gaming) 5000 kills, day 2 ten thousand, 3
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