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What is the best strategy for the Hero of Fortune City achievement?

I saved over 50 people in one playthrough and ended up ending the game with Ending C, which brought me back down to 45. What ending should I aim for to get this achievement?

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personamaster19 answered:

Get either the Endings S or A- those are the best you can get. Like taternuts55 says you should get the achievement right way after getting the 50th person inside the safehouse. Oh and not all survivors count towards the achievement. All Story-mode characters like Katey and Stacey dont count as well as the few survivors that are automatically in the safehouse like Tamara, Kris, or Skylar- they dont count because you didnt technically save them. Hope that helps.
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DieUberNacho answered:

A or S preferably...
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taternuts55 answered:

You should get the achievement as soon as you escort the 50th person back to the safe house, i'm pretty sure the ending doesn't effect the number saved.

I got it as soon as i escorted the 50th person back.
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