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A few questions?

Okay so first, the thieves (or whatever you call them) somehow got me, how do i get my normal ijiek racing jacket and pants back? Also, am I doing something wrong or does snowflake and the tape it or die crew missions come if i beat the game or are they sort of standalone?

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Krypto0010 answered:

just like libra said you can get all your clothes that you cannot put on in the city at the clothing locker in the bathroom in the safehouse. for snowflake and the tape it or die crew once you kill theodore if you do not tame snowflake or kill him he will disappear whenyou travel however i have had times where he did not disappear.

As for the tape it or die crew you can only find them in the door next to the staircase on the bottom floor of the kokonutz sports town shop in Palisades mall. They will only be there from 6-12pm on the third day. Most peope cant find them there because it says its locked so becaus of the stupid rule where there can only be 8 survivors on the map at a time you must wait until Fetching females is over or kill the three survivors that you can play poker with in Alantica Casino. after you wait for fetching females or kill the poker guys, the door should be unlocked.
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Libra_137 answered:

You can get all of Chuck's default stuff, as well as DLC and unlockables, in the bathroom in the Safehouse. Simbly go to the lockers and hit "B".

Also, there are some missions that are unannounced: Snowflake, the Dedicated Shoppers, Janus, and the TIoD crew to name a few. The best way to find them is with one of the walkthroughs in the FAQs section here (or just keep exploring until you find them). As far as I know, having beaten the game has nothing to do with whether or not they appear.
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