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Clothing Transfer?

So i purchased case zero and i beat it and got the A ending,(if it even matters) and then i got deadrising 2. Where can i find the clothing you get in case zero? I started with the case zero file too.

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MegaBMcBlock answered:

In the safehouse bathroom, there is a locker where you can find the Waitress Oufit, Bowling Shirt, Hunting Jacket, and Overalls. All other pieces of clothing in case zero can be found somewhere in Fortune City. The only piece of clothing that doesn't transfer over is the shirt that chuck wears in case zero.
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theoutlawfan10 answered:

They are Located in The Bathroom SafeHouse, In the locker you will be able too find the Bowling Shirt,Hunting Jacket,Overalls,And Waitree outfit.. The only Clothing unavialbe is The Shirt Chuck Greene Wears in Case Zero.
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