Question from lateral87

Asked: 4 years ago

Why won't the 'Brains over brawn' case show up?

I've done two complete playthroughs of DR2 and the "brains over brawn" case never showed up for me.

Apparently, somewhere between 3:30 PM on Day 1 until 2:00 AM on Day 2 there are supposed to be a group of nerdy guys playing a board game in the South Plaza, and yet I never received a call from Stacy and I never found them by wondering around in the plaza..

Has this ever happened to anyone else? I only know this group exists because I have the strategy guide.

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From: pengincloud7 4 years ago

Sometimes a message can be just plain glitchy. I had a message (Bank Run) not show when i had NO active survivors. I was in the zone when the call was supposed to come in, so I left and waited patiently. Never came. Sounds like you just experienced it twice in a row. Or what DaFront said.

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Brain over brawn has 4 survivors Limit is 8 survivors spawning
there must be 5-8 other survivors hidden

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Same thing happened to me. In my first playthough they never appeared, but in the my second one..which I failed on purpose they appeared after I brought the 2 constuction workers to the safehouse. It's glitchy...

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You most likely have too many active survivors. If you have more then 8 survivors of quests in your quest log, other ones won't show up. Kill other survivors or escort them back to the safehouse to clear the messages. Since there are 4 survivors in the 'Brains Over Brawn' mission, you'll need to make sure there's only 4 other survivors in other missions.

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