Question from MasterOfOwls

Asked: 4 years ago

Can someone help me with my save system question?

I want to get through most of the time delicate story missions but my brother and I want to mess around killing zombies and stuff. Is there a way I can keep the pp's that I have gotten while playing with my brother if I go back to my last save so I don't lose any of the missions?

Accepted Answer

From: Cooldud6969 4 years ago

Yeah, since there's 3 save spots. You can save on 2 of the spots. 1 for story missions. The other for messing around! Or if your an achievement hunter like me, you can restart the story as much as you want. It will save your PP, Money, and Lvl! So if you missed somthing in the game, just do that! Sure, you will "restart" from the start. But no worries! you got "3" Save Spots!

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