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1000 Bare-Handed Defeat Achievement Help?

I was thinking about getting the 1000 Bare-Handed Zombie defeat achievement, but I was wondering: Can I use the Smash skill (the one where you smash a zombie's head into objects) to obtain this achievement? Or do they count that as a weapon defeat since you smash them into objects? I just want to know so I don't waste my time trying. Any help would be appreciated.

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IronicShark answered:

Yeah, you can use any of the skills you get as you level up. I found the drop kicked to be most useful though cos if you get in a big crowd you can take out 5 with 1 kick. I'm not sure if it counts as 5 or 1 cos I was doing other things at the same time but it eventually popped up. Hope this helps. Happy hunting :)
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