Question from phunkyboee

Asked: 4 years ago

Is it possible to take sunglasses off?

I got some lame sunglasses from a store, but can't figure out how to take them off :P
Is it possible? is there similiar "outfitter" like in gta or something?


Accepted Answer

From: EvetscipE 4 years ago

When you're in the safe room, go to the bathroom where you save, go to the very far left of the room and press b on the lockers choose chuck's default face to remove any facial items

You can use chuck's default hair to remove any hats or hair dye and his default outfit to remove any clothes

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Submitted Answers


Yea you would either have to go back to the store and select the glasses again or find another pair of glasses to switch out with. But that is if it is still like the first game.

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