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Asked: 4 years ago

The Secret Acheivement?

I read that the Secret Acheivement was a Combo card, but how do you get it? I read it had something to do with a Door in a sportshop, which I had found previously, but it was locked. Any help would be useful

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From: khytomer 4 years ago

I don't know about the secret combo card (now I do, thx @Evetscripe), but here's the deal about the door:

It unlocks after killing the twins and giving Katie her Zombrex on the 27th (opened for me between 9-10am). I believe you need to keep the number of active survivors at that time below 4, so clear out all psychos with captives and kill/rescue active survivors from your message list.

Note: You might want to kill the survivor infront of Atlantica Casino (parkside), since he won't get announcedm The same goes for the 3 pokerplayers inside a VIP-Room inside Atlantica Casino at that time.

Bring a Cement Saw and plates to save some time.

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Actually it's to make the Secret combo card, you have to mix an orange juice with an orange juice to get a Nectar drink and mix the nectar with a queen to get the secret Combo Card

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