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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I collect my winnings from Terror in Reality?

I've played some rounds of Terror in Reality on-line and would like to cash in on my 3rd place finishes. I've

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I've hit cash out, for some reason the rest of my question hasn't gone through. Is there a place in the safe house where I pick it up because it hasn't been applied to my save file yet.

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From: FerniCastellano 4 years ago

You have to choose cash out and select the file you want to save your cash to that's it after that you can exit and keep playing the story with your new cash or earn more cash in TIR but you can only transfer the ranked matches winnings player matches don't count.

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Choose the "cash out" button on the main menu. Only winnings earned in Ranked Matches count.

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It is automatically in your cash balance when you load your game.

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