Question from Vorlanthir

Asked: 4 years ago

What happens when you kill 53,596 zombies?

Do you get some sort of secret weapon?

Accepted Answer

From: DJ_QUICKSILVERX 4 years ago

Sorry just the acheivments, I did both 53 & 72 thousand the o
ther day. Not anything, i thought clothes. And I only 2 hours left of over time when I reached 72.

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Im sure you get something for it like in the first one you get the mega man buster. Other wise there would be no point in doing it. In the first game it took me an entire game of doing nothing but killing zombies in the tunnels with the car. My guess the best way to do it though would be spending an entire game using the SUV killing zombies on the strip. Or a combination of that and using the chainsaw bike because its moves faster.

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