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Asked: 4 years ago


K so I must not be reading the book do I use my inventory? Getting tired of eating something when I go to cream a zombie!! HELP!!

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From: tinytimx 4 years ago

Whatever item is on the far right of your inventory is the item you have currently equipped. You use the right and left bumpers to switch your current item.

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The inventory works better when you are higher levels and can stack weapons in order. lets say you have 3 melee weapons and 2 of health items. Go to somewhere safe like a maintenance room and drop your two health items leaving you with 3 melee weapons together. Then pick up the health items and they go next to each other. now, when one weapon breaks i believe it goes towards the left on your inventory, so if your on the farthest right weapon, it will auto equip the left item... which could be how you end up eating health when surrounded.... weapons don't last long when attacking 10 - 15 zombies at a time...

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