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Asked: 4 years ago

What is a queen?

I am going to get the game soon and i want to know what a queen is and how the game is and how long one hour in the game is compared to actual real life time

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From: taternuts55 4 years ago

A queen is a wasp that you can pick up after killing certain zombies and throw on the ground to kill every zombie within a 10-15 foot radius of where the jar breaks.

The game overall is really really good, especially if you liked the first dead rising. the only thing i could think of to gripe about are the loading times, but then again there's a TON of stuff the game has to load every time you switch areas.

2 hours in real time is equal to 24 hours game time so 1 hour real time should be 12 hours game time.

Anything else?

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i actually broke down the time scale of the game. RT = realTime. GT = gameTime. 6 sec RT = 1 min GT. This extrapolates to 1 min RT = 10 min GT, 6 min RT = 1 hr GT and finally 1 hr RT = 10 hr GT. so more like an hour and 12 min is 12 hours in the game. While knowing this, I actually use the watch sometimes while I cook. LOL

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