Question from biovalentine

Asked: 4 years ago

How Can I locate the remaining sniper?

Hey all, I have a haunting problem: can't find the 4th sniper atop the cinema building.

The other 3 sharpshooters have been taken care of: Big Earl was the first KIA because I easily saw him in plain sight; the other two can be reached by climbing the elevator up ahead. But the last one is one pain in the behind..... I can't find any stairways, elevators, escalators or lifts in the proximity and even I enter the cinema, I still can't figure out a way upward to get him. His name is like Derrick or some.... not quite sure.

So please tell me the exact way of reaching him....... I got shot multiple times by him and every shot taken consumes me 3 blocks of health! Dean the Veteran was killed by that M82 too!


Accepted Answer

From: mrstilwater 4 years ago

Go past the resturant with the big beer mugs out front, go around back there, youll see a maintainence room, then right again takes you behind the resturant to a ladder

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You can reach the sniper on top of the cinema building by climbing up the ladder next to the maintenance room that is next to the restaurant.

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