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Answered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Are some weapons one time only's? 3
Are the Psycho skills pack and Soldier Skills pack only for PS3 or are they for the Xbox also? 3
Bargains, Bargains, Bargains!!? 3
Best magazine/book to carry around? 11
Blitzkrieg combo not working? 4
Can someone tell me where exactly I can find the Fancy Small Chair and the Novelty Cellphone weapons? 2
Can you combine DLC outfits? 1
Can you unlock Sullivan's outfit? 5
Can Zombrex be carried over in other playthroughs? 1
Chuck's outfits? 2
Clothing Transfer? 2
Do any of the Keys transfer from seperate playthroughs? 3
Do car keys carry through co-op? 3
Do magazine effects stack? 1
Downloadable content question...? 1
Duck Tape FTW achievment? 3
Food and clothing acheivements? 4
Has anyone found? 2
Head Trauma / Hockey Mask / Melee Weapons? 11
Help with using all the weapons? 1
How do combo cards work? 1
How do i equip ninja suit? 5
How do i get the full Suit of Armor? 2
How do i modify Leon Bell's bike ? 4
How do I use costume abilities? 1
How or where do you equip the sports fan and solider dlc costumes? 1
I am trying to find the parts for the motorcycle. Can you please let me know where they are? 1
Import DRCW? 1
Is it possible to take sunglasses off? 2
Is there any weapons that will not break/run out of ammo? 1
Katey and the 'funny painting'? 2
Key to underground area? 2
Making the Moto-Saw? 6
Meet the family mission/knight helmit? 1
Novelty weapons, side quest and zombie fu achievement? 1
Pawn Shop Zombrex? 1
Plate launcher? 2
Service doors key? 1
The Ramsterball? 2
What Are All The Guns? 3
What Are All The Toys You Can Give Katey? 3
What Are All The Weapon Combinations? 2
What are the different types of drinks and combos? 1
What do certain magazines do? 5
What does the DLC Skill packs do? 5
What Drink Mix Combinations Are There? 2
What exactly does the ninja suit do? 4
What is a queen? 2
What Weapons Would You Say Are The Best ,Most Powerful,PP Earner, Psychopath Killers? 22
Where can I buy the sports car? 1
Where can I find (katana)? 5
Where can I find (The Trophy) for Two's Company mission? 3
Where can I find (tire)? 1
Where can I find a bull skull? 1
Where can I find a Lightsaber? 1
Where can I find a step ladder? 1
Where can i find all combo cards in the game? 2
Where can I find all the Gambling Books? 1
Where can I find an equipable Servbot hat/helmet? 2
Where can I find assault rifles and machine guns? 1
Where can I find Chili? 2
Where can I find Knife glove combo card? 2
where can I find liberty torch novelty item? 1
Where can I find nectar??? 1
Where can I find safehouse closet? 1
Where can I find SWAT uniform? 2
Where can I find The bike magazine? 2
Where can I find the Borat bathing suit? 2
Where can I find the burning skull combo card? 2
Where can I find the combo card for paddle-saw? 1
Where can I find the exsanguinator combo card? 1
Where can I find the golf cart? 1
Where can I find the gun shop? 1
Where can I find the keys to the hummer that in the casino? 2
Where can I find the Military Fatigues? 1
Where can I find the moose head? 3
Where can I find the nearest blender to the safe house? 2
Where can I find the novelty chip? 1
Where can I find the paddle and chainsaw? 1
Where can I find the propeller? 2
Where can i find the skill magazines or Books? 4
Where can I find the Tiki Mask novelty item? 1
Where can you find the beard that chuck can wear? 1
Where do i find the chopper? 3
Where do I find the Playboy magazine? 1
Where Do I Get Steaks From For SnowFlake? 1
Where do you find the kid's superhero costume? 4
Where do you go to find the special clothing items that you have unlocked? 1
Where is The BFG? and... 2
Where is the changing room? 1
Which items can i combine with the bike? 5
Zombrex from the Pawn Shops? 1
Other Help Answers
2 Questions in 1? 5
Ante up? 1
Are there other entries to the safehouse other than the starndard one from the start? 1
Can I save outfits? 3
Can you make your own guy in multi player? 1
Can you play co-op on the same system? 1
Case 6-4 Help? 4
Dead Rising 1 have 7 endings... Have Dead Rising 2 that also? 4
Demo? 5
Do i need to spend all 6 mill to get the Big Spender achievement in one playthrough? 1
Do i really need to save them ? 3
Do the knife gloves count toward the achivement where you need to kill 1000 zombies barehanded?. 2
Empty Vault? 1
Funny? 5
Game won't let me modify my bike? 2
Hocky mask help? 1
How do I collect my winnings from Terror in Reality? 3
How long does overtime mode last? 2
How so you rescue survivors # 60, 95,and 96? 1
If I fail doing the mainquest can i still do side quests? 1
Is Infinte mode on this one? 1
Is it easier to read text on SD tv than the DR1? 2
Is it just me? 2
Is it possible to get people back on your side if they are defected? 2
Is it possible to keep the clothing won in strip poker? 1
Is it split screen co-op? 3
Is the Ninja Suit DLC exclusive to Gamestop or will it be released for purchase later? 5
Is there a way 2 turn off te blood in this game? 1
Is there Co-Op splitscreen? 1
Knight helm help plzzz? 1
Need help? 3
Ninja Costume and each piece? 3
Notebook 113-115? 1
Only one playthrough? 4
Plz help knight helm? 3
Sandbox mode? 1
Saving All Survivors? 2
Slot machine + 3 Magazines? 1
Snowflake and Ted? 1
Special Infected? 1
Sullivan? *spoilers!* 2
Survivor notebook #41 #60 #95 #96? 4
Tame Snowflake? 3
Tape It Or Die Secret Achievement? 3
The Secret Acheivement? 2
Time Limit in Poker ? 2
Unkown item i recieved in a zombrex edition its a blood dipped cigar ???? 6
Unlockable clothing help?? 1
Warehouse for weapon ? 2
What are all of the drink combos? 2
What are all the skills you can get and abilities? 1
What Are And How Do You Get Survior / Pshycopath Cards? 1
What happens after finishing the game ? 1
What happens when you kill 53,596 zombies? 2
What is the best way to get alot of PP? 2
What's wrong with my vehicle? 1
When do survivors #60, 95, and 96 appear? 1
When does # 48 and 97 appear? 1
When you die and restart do you keep your experience like in the other game? 3
Where are all the hidden survivors? 1
Where Is A Gun Shop? 1
Where r they? 2
Which is better? 2
Why am I not getting PP for killing zombies any more? 1
Why can't I get the Trophy? 1
Why does it have to be online multi player? 4
Will it be offline and online multiplayer or only online? 4
Will someone make cheats for this? 2
Will there be a survival mode ? 4
Wtfudge infinte weapon? 1
Zombie Count (Infinite???) 5
Zombie Genocide Master rewards? 3

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