Question from everths123

Asked: 5 years ago

Will this game have Split-screen co-op?

Will it be like Halo and Left 4 Dead that you can play split screen offline and online or will it be like Modern Ware fare 2 (Co-op split screen is available only offline)?

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From: heroscape1023 5 years ago

Splitscreen would be bad because you definately need a whole screen to have a chance

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The game will not have split-screen co-op, it will have LAN (local area network) and xbox live multiplayer only.

So if you are wanting to play with another friend you will need another xbox, a second copy of the game and a system link cable.

My bros and I want to play 3 player survival mode so to do that i preordered 3 copies and got a ethernet hub and some ethernet cables... ya i have nothing better to spend my hard earned cash on......

Anyways to get right to the point there is no split-screen like in halo or L4D, which sux....

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Will there be online co-op, were you can play each main campaign with another person? or is it only multiplayer and that survival thing?

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No there will be no split screen co-op it sead in a video

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