Question from kilik770

What level do u unlock certain skins??

Can someone make a list of what levels you unlock what skins?


GibsonLpPlaya answered:

I don't know all of em, but I'm only a level 10 and just unlocked the Warrior Ridged skin. I also have Conner, Gibson, Stalker, a Predator that has blood on his mask (dnt remember the name), and Warrior Dome.

Hope I helped.
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steamwitch answered:

I just reached Lvl. 11 and Got Rigged Alien. As for when I reached Lvl. 7 I got Conner, Gibson, Warrior Dome, Claw, And Stalker.
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I notice that all people that were like lvl 13 and lower never wore the warrior or warrior ridged. Then i noticed an alien a black head and i looked through my list and saw that it was warrior dome. But
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fatalis104 answered:

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Claw (Predator)Obtain Rank 03
Connor (Marine)Obtain Rank 05
Gibson (Marine)Obtain Rank 02
Gibson (Marine)Level 37
Hunter (Predator)Obtain Rank 16
Johnson (Marine)Obtain Rank 22
Lord (Predator)Level 40
Moss (Marine)Obtain Rank 13
Nethead (Alien)Obtain Rank 34
Praetorian (Alien)Obtain Rank 19
Ridged (Alien)Obtain Rank 10
Rookie (Marine)Obtain Rank 28
Spartan (Predator)Obtain Rank 31
Stalker (Predator)Obtain Rank 07
Van Zandt (Marine)Level 43
Warrior Dome (Alien)Obtain Rank 04
Wolf (Predator) Rank 25
Obtained from Gamefaqs cheat page of AvP
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